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Animalart is the website that shows how some artists are expressing their impressions of animals

First the owner of this site is introduced:

Gerda van den Bosch, sculptress
Expositie-atelier "DE BRONZEN HOND"

Phone (+31)(0) 622 503 199, E-mail:

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kanttekeningen die gelezen zouden moeten worden.

The making of BRONZES

Around a wooden and/or metallic frame the statuette is modeled out off clay or wax.

A in plaster supported silicone negative is made in which raw waxen duplicates of the design can be moulded.
These waxen models do need remodeling.

An in a silicone mould casted
waxen model of a 'Frenchy'
is born.
A dachshund is remodeled.
In the foundry the waxen model is supplied with a kernel and a cover of plaster of Paris.
In a oven the so created clod is heated to about 600 degrees C.
The wax is melted (lost wax!) and the mould has to be dug in to meet the tension during the casting.
Here at the caster,
you see the making of
moulds. In the middle
a 'clod', ready for the oven.
Out of the oven the
forms of plaster are
removed to be dug in.
Liquid bronze of about 1200 degrees C is poured into the form, replacing the lost wax.

The plaster is broken away, so the mould is lost.
The figure is chased and the patina is brought on by heating the bronze with acid or specific salts.

A bullterrier in
his finishing stage.

And there he is....

Proud.....,showing his beauty!

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